Privacy Policy


At MSM we value the privacy of each family that is enrolled and will make every effort to keep personal and private information secure. At the start of the school year, a request will be sent home, with instructions on how to determine what, if any, information you would like shared on the school wide, public directory. Each family member with access will have to individually, add/remove/edit this information. This information can be changed at any time, but please note, that all changes made to the directory, will not be visible until after 4am on the next business day. The directory, the distribution list, and ALL information found on or pertaining to this website for The Montessori School of Manhattan, are the sole property of MSM and the distribution of this information to you is conditioned upon your agreement as a faculty member or parent not to use this information for solicitation of any kind, nor for the distribution of communications deemed by the administration to be inappropriate or unethical.

Photographing and Videotaping

MSM prohibits photographing or videotaping of students on school premises, during school hours and while engaged in school activities by anyone other than MSM employees. MSM employees may from time to time, photograph children for in-house purposes only. Any parent who does not want his or her child to be photographed should state so in writing at the beginning of the school year.
The website will contain photographs of the children in various school activities. The website will contain photos only, and that no names or other personal information will be included. If you would like/not like to give MSM permission to include photos of your child(ren) on the website, please notify us in writing. There is a form for download available on the site, or you may contact the office.