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    The DR Project Request

    Through Mary Alice we have learned a tremendous amount about SHCJ and about their situation. The school services about 250 children from the ages of 3-15 years. These children are the sons and daughters of migrant workers from Haiti, who came to work in the sugar cane industry. The industry has since gone bankrupt, and these children are now literally left neglected, to run the streets. The school works very hard to provide these children with a Montessori education, as well as much needed food, medicine and clothing.
    Their two most desperate areas of need are funding, and education for their teachers. As such, our campaign will consist of two different facets. The first will be the collection of funds to aid the school in covering the costs of food, medicine, classroom materials, overhead, etc., so that they can continue to provide their much needed services to these children. The second facet is to send a team of MSM faculty to the DR this summer to provide the desperately wanted Montessori educational workshops for the teachers.
    With the help of our Parents’ Association and all of your generous bidding at the annual Auction, we are VERY pleased that MSM will be able to completely cover the cost of sending our faculty outreach team to the DR! Our next step is to raise funding to support SHJC’s ongoing commitment to providing food and medicine for their children, as well as to purchase some much needed educational materials. We will be collecting monetary donations to support this campaign from now through May 31st.
    Please Note: All donations are tax-deductible
    Our goal is to have as many families participate in this campaign, so that MSM can come as close as possible to covering one full year of expenses for SHCJ. Donations can either be general, to be used as most needed, or can be earmarked for specific areas of aid. Below are some examples of these specific areas provided by Sr. Mary Alice:
    · $256 covers one week's cost of food and vitamins for the children in the school
    ($13,300 needed per year)
    · $2,200 covers an entire month of salaries for their Teachers
    ($26,400 needed per year)
    · $100 covers an entire month of salaries for their Sombras (Teacher Aids)
    ($1200 needed per year)
    · Any denomination to cover purchasing Montessori materials
    · Any denomination towards their Building fund goal of $45,000, to add desperately needed classrooms
    If you would like to make a donation, please drop your donation check in the main lobby by May 31st. We will be collecting all donations to be hand-delivered to the Society’s main office just prior to our first faculty outreach trip this June.
    Please make your check payable to: Society of the Holy Child Jesus
    A letter of acknowledgment for your tax-deductible donation will be mailed to you directly from the Society’s Mission office here in New York.
    **Please make sure your correct mailing address is provided along with your donation check.
    We thank you in advance for your participation, and look forward to sharing our final fundraising totals with everyone later in the spring!

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