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    The DR Project Initiative

    The Montessori School of Manhattan has been a cornerstone of the preschool community in New York City for over 10 years. During that time we have supported several community outreach programs, offering assistance and care to those who need it most. This summer we are planning an outreach program that is our largest and most important yet. Twice this summer, a team of our teachers will travel to the Dominican Republic to a sister school, Sisters of The Holy Child Jesus, to bring education seminars for teachers, badly needed school supplies for the students, as well as food, clothes, and other essential items.
    For several years now, MSM has donated our used Montessori materials to SHCJ. As a result of our most recent donation, we have now had the pleasure of corresponding with one of the school's directors, Sr. Mary Alice Minogue.
    Through Mary Alice we have learned a tremendous amount about SHCJ and about their situation. The school services about 250 children from the ages of 3-15 years. These children are the sons and daughters of migrant workers from Haiti, who came to work in the sugar cane industry. The industry has since gone bankrupt, and these children are now literally left neglected, to run the streets. The school works very hard to provide these children with a Montessori education, as well as much needed food, medicine and clothing.
    With the help of our Parents' Association, we are VERY pleased that MSM will be able to completely cover the cost of sending our faculty outreach team to the DR! Our next step is to secure donations of any size and shape to support SHCJ's ongoing commitment to their children and to the rebuilding of their community.
    We are calling upon you and your gracious company to aid us in our effort to better our global community. Sr. Mary Alice Minogue has informed us that the following items are absolutely essential to the development and strength of this school, its staff and its children;
    • Clothing – particularly clothing suited for a tropical environment.
    In order for us to ensure the children and school receive these potential donations, in alignment with our trip, we must have the materials no later than May 31st.
    If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to call or email.
    Thank you very much for your generosity and for your support!

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