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The D.R. Project – Ongoing

Sister Mary Alice Minogue, Director SHCJ
The good people of MSM, have been in my heart all week. We have knocked down the shack behind the school patio, and begun to plan the kitchen there as well as the septic tank. We have talked to the neighbors about digging a ditch and lining it with cement so that the water can flow out. We have discovered that the three septic tanks that we now have are full and falling apart inside, so we have gotten the firefighters to come and suction out the water, and will begin to rebuild them. We have cleared the side of the school and put in little patios. We bought some of the things that we need for the new Toddler classrooms, and for the school. We even bought a little jigsaw so that Guillermo can repair puzzles and build some of the new materials we need. We are going to make him a workshop area. 

In every one of these things, the ability to move ahead, to pay the men who are working, to send kids to doctors and dentists, to begin working with parents, is because of your generosity and hard work. We have moved way beyond anything that my fundraising could accomplish. Your continued efforts for us are doing so much good - a great gift. We have had some people who have given us things, or been enthusiastic for our programs, but few have continued to help us out. This mission is more and more the extension of MSM for the poor. I feel connected to you in what I am able to do here. I want you to know that I am just filled with gratitude. I pray that in your own lives, you will be repaid with all good things.