Our daughter has been attending MSM for over 3 years now...

Tejal H., Jit. V., Current Parents
We chose MSM particularly as we wanted a school which would spark our daughter's interest in learning. It was also important for us to ensure that her individuality would not be lost amongst all the other children. We were drawn to MSM's warmth and nurturing environment. My daughter has developed a bond with all her teachers, past and present included.

We are confident that our daughter is well prepared for the next stage of her education at Kindergarten. MSM has helped build her self-confidence and make her independent. It has developed her critical thinking process and encouraged her to ask questions and arrive at an answer with minimum input from others. Another benefit of attending MSM was that during her last two years there, she was able to benefit from being the youngest in the class initially,and then being the eldest in her class the following year. She experienced learning from friends who were older, to respect them and listen to them. The following year, as she was the eldest, she was able to lead by example, provide gentle guidance to her younger friends and play the role of a big sister. This undoubtedly built up her confidence and enhanced her nurturing and caring nature.

The entire MSM community has been wonderful to our family. Our expectations and goals of what we wanted our daughter to achieve at MSM were met with great support and we felt we worked hand in hand in ensuring that she achieved them. Our daughter looks forward to attending school, and a large part of her eagerness to learn and play is attributable to her teachers. They nurture the children, provide them with affection but also set down clear rules and structure in the classroom. We have noted that our daughter is able to focus on tasks for a long period of time, she is not afraid to tackle new challenges. This is in no doubt down to the hard work of the teachers. In addition to the wonderful educators, we have also received great help from the rest of the MSM staff. During the challenging process of applying for Kindergarten, we valued the help given to us by the Admissions Director Ms Ramey who was available to answer all our questions and allay our concerns. Her help and guidance played a big role in ensuring we were accepted in our first choice Kindergarten. We are certain that the three years our daughter spent at MSM has laid down a lifelong foundation to learn, be inquisitive and be challenged.

We would highly recommend MSM to everyone, and we look forward to our youngest child starting her new journey at MSM this autumn.