We have been fortunate to send all 3 of our children to MSM.

Alexander G., Current Parent
We have been fortunate to send all 3 of our children to MSM.

What has struck us over the years is the closeness of the teachers and their pupils. There is respect, dignity and humility in every classroom: Fundamental building blocks in life that the children learn at an early age. It's a very clear differentiator at MSM.

It has been clear to us that MSM plays a significant role in preparing children for their next journey in life. There is focus in all aspects of learning in the classroom: from reading to writing. What particularly struck me was the patience and expertise in their teaching. Highly trained and adept to all children and their learning abilities.

We have personally seen our children move from preschool to Kindergarten and be prepared for their next steps in education. Writing / reading are very much well ahead of what is required in the beginning of Elementary School.

We have been honored to have had such amazing teachers over the last 6 years. Words that come to mind for all:


It's been a wonderful experience and blessed to have had our children be part of a rich history of the MSM.