I have been a caregiver working in the Tribeca neighborhood...

Lhakpa., P., Caregiver
I have been a  caregiver working in the Tribeca neighborhood for the past 19 years.  I have attended a many birthday parties, sat for countless hours in the park, been to dance recitals and gymnastic demonstrations, etc. in the downtown area and can say that whenever  I saw children who are the most polite, most focused and best able to socialize in a group, I always find out those are the kids from MSM. Then I got a job working for a family who sends their kids to MSM and I witnessed first-hand how dedicated the teachers are to each and every student. I appreciate that the school is run with so much order and respect and that the school is so clean! I think it is common for everyone to assume that anyone can take care of children. But not everyone can do it well like they do at MSM.