It has been a pleasure to be part of the MSM community...

Charles L., Current Parent
It has been a pleasure to be part of the MSM community. The school is operated by a dedicated team of educators whose unique expertise in early childhood development makes MSM a standout among Manhattan preschools. Each MSM classroom is a dynamic learning center where the students are exposed to fun and interesting challenges designed to help them master all sorts of fundamental skills. Our son and his classmates are well-behaved, friendly and happy children who have clearly benefitted from the calm and welcoming yet highly disciplined MSM atmosphere. We could not be happier with our son’s experience at MSM and we are grateful to the MSM staff for their positive impact on his development over the past 3 years.
Ana and I have spent the past year thinking about the difficult question of what type of school would be the best fit for Aaron for the next thirteen years. After reflecting on his time at the Montessori School of Manhattan, we agreed that one of the most valuable components of his educational experience to date, has been the safe and supportive learning environment that MSM provides for its students. Aaron’s experience at MSM has taught us that when children feel free to express themselves and explore their curiosities without fear of failure or embarrassment, they are more excited about learning and more comfortable taking on new risks and challenges.