MSM does a wonderful job fostering happiness...

John & JoAnna L., Parents
MSM does a wonderful job fostering happiness, growth and development in its students, and nurtures intelligent, kind and well-rounded kids! We've been thrilled with how MSM has engaged and encouraged our son, who, over his two years at the school, has developed the confidence and desire to approach the world with a genuine curiosity and love of learning.
His teachers have all been incredibly kind and nurturing, but have also held consistent standards that encourage the students' emotional growth. Their emphasis on kind behavior has helped our son develop respect for himself, his peers, adults and his work. He's a genuinely polite and happy kid, and we owe so much of that to MSM!
Kids can learn to read, write and count anywhere, but MSM is a truly special place. It gave our son the foundation on which his academic life will be built, but just as significantly, it has taught him to navigate the world in a respectful and kind way.
We're continually surprised and delighted with what Johnny has learned at MSM, and would wholeheartedly recommend the experience!