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The MSM teachers are all wonderful, dedicated professionals...

Talene B., Parent
The MSM teachers are all wonderful, dedicated professionals. They get to know as many children as they can, not just the students in their classes. Also, the content of the "specials" classes is great. Our children look forward to these classes, and they feel empowered by their special knowledge. Finally, the school teaches its students the importance of organization and respecting one's environment, which I believe to be unique to MSM.
The reason we chose a pure Montessori school is that we believe the method instills confidence in children, as well as a love of learning which positions children to be successful students as they grow. MSM has done just that for both of our children. They know they have the ability to learn any material presented to them, and they love the process of learning.
All of the teachers who have worked with our children have been wonderful.
The MSM teachers work tirelessly to make sure that each child receives individualized attention, and that each child feels like a unique member of the community.