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MSM has been very special for us...

Patricia T., Current Parent
MSM has been very special for us; I see my son actively participating in class and eagerly learning through the Montessori materials. The classrooms are clean and I feel that children learn better when everything is in its place. I have seen other classrooms with too many things that can distract children from learning. At MSM, I can truly see my son concentrating and focused on his work.
MSM has taught my son independence and manners and has given him the skills needed to succeed in life. It has also given him the eagerness to learn and accomplish things on his own;
this type of education is crucial for his stage in life and will help him tremendously in the future.
The MSM staff and community truly care about and get to know each of the children. I love getting the Friday folder and seeing the school work, art work and the pictures. The presents that we get from the kids during the holidays are so thoughtful also! We will miss MSM but the memories will remain in our hearts forever.