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We’ve been extremely pleased with our experience at MSM...

Morgan L., Mom
We’ve been extremely pleased with our experience at MSM. Our eldest daughter started at MSM just after turning two. While visiting the school prior to her enrollment, we were impressed immediately with the environment. The classroom was calm, organized and beautifully designed. Traditional Montessori materials were arranged on the shelves, and the students rotated between stations seamlessly, working both independently and collectively. We could not believe it was a classroom of 2-year-olds!
Knowing our own spirited 2-year-old, we expected the transition to school to be a challenge for all of us. But, it could not have been easier. Milly loved it from day one and has been excited to go to school ever since. We’ve watched as she’s grown increasingly independent, self-assured and cognizant of her environment. Her self-control and ability to concentrate on a particular task have improved tremendously, and her love of learning and mastering new skills continue to grow. She is proud of her work and eager to share stories about her teachers and friends from school. Milly’s teachers and the entire MSM administration have been nothing but supportive and helpful. We are thrilled to have found a home at MSM and look forward to the day when our younger daughter can also join the MSM community.