Looking for a pre-school for our daughter Emma...

Jeanny O., Current Parent
Looking for a pre-school for our daughter Emma had to be one of the hardest decisions we had to make in our lives! We visited multiple pre-schools with our piece of paper in hand that contained our “must haves” and endless questions. Upon entering MSM, we immediately knew this was the place for Emma, we said to each other, “I could imagine Emma spending all day here away from us.” We have been part of the MSM community for the past 3 years; Emma began in the Toddler program and MSM has exceeded our expectations on what we wanted for Emma’s early education.
At MSM, you will find teachers that are determined and passionate about children’s education and the work teachers do as they guide and support them to reach their fullest potential to be responsible active citizens of this world.
MSM is an aesthetically pleasing, welcoming, diverse, respectful, and nurturing environment. MSM is a unique place that provides an integrated curriculum that allows the children to be active participants in their education with hands on experiences that are authentic, meaningful and purposeful that allows children to question their world and become critical thinkers, problem solvers and decision makers.
MSM holds a strong value in building partnerships and working collaboratively with families. The teachers always encourage families to participate in the classroom, by celebrating special traditions or interest, reading stories, going on field trips and community walks. I enjoyed being, "the mystery reader" of the day. The teachers communicate with families about the daily life of the classroom community by providing weekly newsletters, having parent- workshops and conferences. The teachers and administrators are available to communicate in person, via phone and email and are helpful in providing advice and suggestions to support Emma at home. At MSM, you will also find a united community between the families. The families are friendly and happy to set play dates and plan events throughout the school year.
I could not be more pleased to have MSM be Emma’s first school experience and be the foundation for her school success. Emma has become a confident, independent little girl who has come to find a joy in learning. She is well prepared academically and socially to begin the journey to Kindergarten and the elementary years that await her. Emma was accepted to one of the top private schools in NYC, and we have only MSM’s to thank for this! MSM is definitely our home away from home. It will always hold a special place in our hearts!