My 8 year old son attended MSM from the time he was 2 years old...

Dasha G., Alum Parent
My 8 year old son attended MSM from the time he was 2 years old until he was almost six, at which point he went straight into a gifted and talented first grade classroom. I believe that his time at MSM was the primary factor in his success academically, and I know that his emotional and social development benefited greatly as well. What sets MSM apart is the fact that it truly is a school and not a daycare or even a pre-school. Children at such a young age are capable of so much more than most adults can even imagine, and the educators at MSM are able to tap into each child's potential and help shape them into the unique individuals they are destined to become.
Although academics are important, and are most certainly a focus in MSM classrooms, in my opinion, the most important lessons children can learn between the ages of two and five are social skills. It's not only important to socialize with peers, as kids can in any daycare environment, it’s vital that they learn how to socialize in a way that promotes cooperation, community and sets them up for success in the future. The Montessori focus on Grace and Courtesy is exemplified in every MSM classroom. Wherever my son goes now (from school to friends' homes to restaurants) he is constantly lauded for how polite and kind he is to everyone around him. I believe that MSM helped set the framework for all of his interactions, and because he was so young when he learned the values of good interpersonal relationships, that knowledge will stay with him for the rest of his life.
A few years ago, our family moved to Long Island. Although we love many things about living here, one of the things I will always regret is that my second child (who is currently 4 months old), will not be able to attend MSM as the commute would be far too taxing on him. It is a wonderful school with wonderful teachers, built upon wonderful principles that stand the test of time. MSM graduates leave the school with a head start on the path to success and I would recommend this school to anyone who wants their children to thrive both as individuals and as members of a community from their earliest days.