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Hope for Kai Bone Marrow Donor Drive – 2009

Birgit & David Anderson
Six years ago this month, our son Kai was diagnosed with a rare and aggressive form of Leukemia. Just shy of his fifth birthday, our world shattered overnight, as the reality of brutal treatment and the bleak prognosis set in. We were told that Kai’s best and only hope to survive would be to have a bone marrow transplant. In those early dark, dark days, the MSM community literally came to our rescue and rallied around Kai. Within days, thanks to the MSM Parents’ Association and School administration, a significant bone marrow donor drive was organized. Parents, teachers, staff, and friends of the school worked tirelessly to help find that one person for Kai, who would be a match and cure him. The support, help and love from the MSM community was simply amazing! It gave us comfort, strength and hope in those overwhelming days. We never felt alone in this battle.
The Hope for Kai bone marrow drive was the largest community outreach project in MSM’s history. At the initial bone marrow drive, over 1400 people registered in just one day. This drive caused waves of other drives all across the country, resulting in tens of thousands of people ultimately registering as potential donors. The good that came from those donor drives continues to today! In the years since MSM’s initial drive, we have learned that at least four other people, who had registered in Kai’s honor, have since selflessly donated their stem cells to save others! How many more people will you save in the future?
Ultimately, your hard work and generosity paid off. A donor was found and Kai underwent his bone marrow transplant in November 2012. He is now two and half years out from his transplant, a significant milestone. Kai is thriving, back in school, making friends, and is living the life of a regular 10 year old boy. We are forever grateful for the incredible support of this very special MSM community. If it were not for the generous outreach programs of MSM, such incredible works would never take place. We will never, never be able to thank you enough. To have our son here with us today is a miracle!