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Our experience at MSM has been outstanding...

Lauren C., Alum Parent
Our experience at MSM has been outstanding. With two daughters, we have participated in several pre-school and daycare programs over the years in downtown Manhattan, and MSM truly surpasses them all in teachers and administration, facility, and pedagogy.
MSM is a beautiful and organized learning environment. The classroom at MSM represents the best of downtown Manhattan after 911 – a community of resilience, creative energy and open-minded curiosity.
The MSM teachers and pedagogy gave both our daughters that rare gift of a balance of nurturing and independence.
MSM created enduring friendships for both our daughters… and for us as parents. In fact, our daughters are now in middle and high school and are still best friends with their classmates from preK at MSM.
MSM taught our daughters and their classmates the priceless lesson of “giving back”. MSM initiated a Holiday toy drive over 10 years ago for the New York Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children, the world’s oldest child advocacy organization. It is so awfully hard for a 2 or 3 or 4 year old to even share! MSM taught our children a life-long lesson… picking out a toy for another child during the Holiday Season truly made a positive impact on our daughters. MSM has the most beautiful women at the helm - and their hearts are even more beautiful.
Our daughters left MSM and entered elementary school with the ability to read, add and subtract and even more important, with the confidence to navigate a new classroom and make new friends. MSM taught our daughters about the values of working hard and learning from their mistakes.