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MSM was singularly distinctive...

Alice W., Parent
MSM was singularly distinctive because it allowed both of our children to flourish intellectually, emotionally, and socially in a “real school” as opposed to just playing, which was in line with our educational value system. While structured as a real school which could conceivably conflict with the values of some parents, MSM is wonderfully warm, with talented, professionally trained, nurturing teachers. The school has a definitive, structured educational philosophy with actual learning going on. Such amazing learning that can occur so early in childhood is complemented by wonderful, carefully selected “specials” such as Spanish language, yoga, drama and art, all of which are taught by top-flight educators. Such structure with a real methodology, and ideological purity on the Montessori philosophy as opposed to something disingenuous positioned just for marketing purposes was a pivotal, appeal to us about MSM – credit the head of schools and the admissions officer for this.
MSM is unique in having authentic luminaries in Montessori pre-school education, Ms. Gauthier and Ms. Ramey operating a fantastic institution.
Both of our children are by nature reserved, and on the shy side in public. MSM allowed both to flourish socially and interact with other children in a confident but supportive and engaging manner. Our daughter attends a first grade G&T program in lower Manhattan known for its rigor. We believe one factor in why she was able to adapt to this program was the structured foundation laid at MSM, and early exposure and training performing activities in a methodological manner. As for our 2.5 year old son, while he is still two years away from his next educational step, we are amazed at the transformation MSM has accelerated of his personality and growth such as his bubbly personality and facility with communication.
The entire MSM staff is highly professional, skilled, and nurturing with real expertise in not merely early childhood education but under the Montessori philosophy. Our 6 year old daughter had two amazing teachers she still talks about. Our son Henry has two of the best toddler teachers in all of New York City - wonderful, talented, warm professionals. Speaking for ourselves, we really admire, like, and respect the “executive team” of Ms. Gauthier, Ms. Ramey, and Ms. McClung because they handle their business with utmost professionalism, talent, and warmth. On a personal level, when you see the leadership, teachers, and the school itself do amazing things for your children, you can’t help but feel an emotional bond to the people who made it happen. This is how we feel about the MSM leadership and staff.