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The freedom that is given to the child is not liberation from parents and teachers; it is not freedom from the laws of Nature or of the state or of society, but the utmost freedom for self-development and self-realisation compatible with service to society.
Dr. Maria Montessori
Maria Montessori taught us all that self-development and self-realisation; that our personal growth and ability to learn is connected to our service to the world around us.  We have been very fortunate to be blessed with such great and loving families that our community outreach programs have included a Hope For Kai, bone marrow drive; annual coat and toy drives through our MSM Shares; and supporting a school in the Dominican Republic, through our DR Project.

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  • Hope for Kai Bone Marrow Donor Drive – 2009

    Birgit & David Anderson
    Six years ago this month, our son Kai was diagnosed with a rare and aggressive form of Leukemia. Just shy of his fifth birthday, our world shattered overnight, as the reality of brutal treatment and the bleak prognosis set in. We were told that Kai’s best and only hope to survive would be to have a bone marrow transplant...
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  • MSM Shares Holiday Project – Annual

    Principal Rhonda Levy, PS 142
    What an awesome school MSM must be to attend. The last Friday before Christmas and even the Principal joined the group to hand out gifts to our neediest children. The MSM parents seem to be the most generous people we could ever hope to meet and we amazed amazed at the outpouring of that generosity!
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  • The MSM Scholarship Fund – Ongoing

    MSM Parents
    Both of our children have attended the Montessori School of Manhattan via their generous scholarship for which we are most grateful! During the four years at MSM, our experience has been amazing. The MSM is a school where children can learn but also have fun...
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  • The D.R. Project – Ongoing

    Sister Mary Alice Minogue, Director SHCJ
    The good people of MSM, have been in my heart all week. We have knocked down the shack behind the school patio, and begun to plan the kitchen there as well as the septic tank. We have talked to the neighbors about digging a ditch and lining it with cement so that the water can flow out...
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  • Their Smiles Are Real

    Bridie Gauthier
    Stepping off the plane in Santo Domingo, we were greeted by the most wonderful surprise. There, standing at the gate, waving fervently and beaming from ear to ear, was Sister Mary Alice. Her warm smile, generous hugs, and endless words of thanks, were momentarily enough to distract us from our trepidations about what the upcoming week would bring.
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The DR Project