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The thing I am most thankful for is...

Michael D., Alum Parent
The thing I am most thankful for is not the friends my son made or the fun he had, it isn't even the fact that he could read, write, speak Spanish, do math and knew all of his continents by the time he entered Kindergarten. While all of that is amazing, as a parent and an educator, what I am most grateful for is the confidence my son developed at such a young age to allow him to learn and build a solid foundation to continue his learning beyond his MSM years.

Our daughter has been attending MSM for over 3 years now...

Tejal H., Jit. V., Current Parents
We chose MSM particularly as we wanted a school which would spark our daughter's interest in learning. It was also important for us to ensure that her individuality would not be lost amongst all the other children. We were drawn to MSM's warmth and nurturing environment. My daughter has developed a bond with all her teachers, past and present included. 

We are confident that our daughter is well prepared for the next stage of her education at Kindergarten. MSM has helped build her self-confidence and make her independent. It has developed her critical thinking process and encouraged her to ask questions and arrive at an answer with minimum input from others. Another benefit of attending MSM was that during her last two years there, she was able to benefit from being the youngest in the class initially,and then being the eldest in her class the following year. She experienced learning from friends who were older, to respect them and listen to them. The following year, as she was the eldest, she was able to lead by example, provide gentle guidance to her younger friends and play the role of a big sister. This undoubtedly built up her confidence and enhanced her nurturing and caring nature.

The entire MSM community has been wonderful to our family. Our expectations and goals of what we wanted our daughter to achieve at MSM were met with great support and we felt we worked hand in hand in ensuring that she achieved them. Our daughter looks forward to attending school, and a large part of her eagerness to learn and play is attributable to her teachers. They nurture the children, provide them with affection but also set down clear rules and structure in the classroom. We have noted that our daughter is able to focus on tasks for a long period of time, she is not afraid to tackle new challenges. This is in no doubt down to the hard work of the teachers. In addition to the wonderful educators, we have also received great help from the rest of the MSM staff. During the challenging process of applying for Kindergarten, we valued the help given to us by the Admissions Director Ms Ramey who was available to answer all our questions and allay our concerns. Her help and guidance played a big role in ensuring we were accepted in our first choice Kindergarten. We are certain that the three years our daughter spent at MSM has laid down a lifelong foundation to learn, be inquisitive and be challenged. 

We would highly recommend MSM to everyone, and we look forward to our youngest child starting her new journey at MSM this autumn.

Being first time parents...

Kulsoom and Zeeshan R.
Being first time parents and knowing that our son will be the youngest in the class naturally made us feel a little nervous and apprehensive prior to his enrollment. But our fears were quickly allayed with such kind, friendly, and caring teachers & staff who have created a nurturing environment that it made for a delightfully welcoming place. These wonderful qualities have permeated to the other children in our son's class and some have taken it upon themselves to act like an older sibling to our young child and thus looking out & caring for him. The variety and nature of activities makes this such an exciting place and getting acquainted with the joys of learning and socializing with others benefits their young and growing minds. We have found our son's developmental, social and reasoning skills to have improved in leaps and bounds and this is in no small part to do with the compassionate and proactive nature of play and learning that has been constructed for them which is most conducive to their effective needs.
We are delighted for our son to progress to the next level, Toddler Full Day program, where he will be able to harness and build upon the strong basic skills set & foundation that has been set down for him. We have found all staff members at MSM to be enthusiastic, kind and patient. We are grateful to have found such an ideal setting for our young son who is always excited to attend daily and we unequivocally recommend Montessori School of Manhattan.

We have been fortunate to send all 3 of our children to MSM.

Alexander G., Current Parent
We have been fortunate to send all 3 of our children to MSM. 

What has struck us over the years is the closeness of the teachers and their pupils. There is respect, dignity and humility in every classroom: Fundamental building blocks in life that the children learn at an early age. It's a very clear differentiator at MSM. 

It has been clear to us that MSM plays a significant role in preparing children for their next journey in life. There is focus in all aspects of learning in the classroom: from reading to writing. What particularly struck me was the patience and expertise in their teaching. Highly trained and adept to all children and their learning abilities.

We have personally seen our children move from preschool to Kindergarten and be prepared for their next steps in education. Writing / reading are very much well ahead of what is required in the beginning of Elementary School. 

We have been honored to have had such amazing teachers over the last 6 years. Words that come to mind for all:


It's been a wonderful experience and blessed to have had our children be part of a rich history of the MSM.

A second family! That is what the Montessori School of Manhattan has been for us...

Maria N., Current Parent
A second family! That is what the Montessori School of Manhattan has been for us for the last few years.  My son has has attended MSM since he was a toddler, now he's in Preschool. His learning and growing experience with MSM was nothing but 100% positive. A love for learning was instilled in him at such an early age, and the level of knowledge that he has acquired is way beyond his age, thanks to the dedicated staff and teachers of MSM.  They are very welcoming and wonderful. The level of care that they give children is incomparable. They are all very knowledgeable about the different aspects of my child's development. Academically, emotionally and socially, MSM has prepared my son. There is no doubt in my mind that he will not only succeed in the next step in his education but also that he is going to be successful in facing all the different challenges of life.

Following the child is a dictum of Maria Montessori...

Sister Mary Alice M., School Director
Following the child is a dictum of Maria Montessori which I have seen lived out at the Montessori School of Manhattan. Here the highly qualified staff meets the needs and develops the potential of each unique child. Small classrooms artfully appointed, an abundance of materials and specially trained teachers create an atmosphere that nurtures the growth of each child. Self-esteem, self-discipline, responsibility, cooperation, ability to share, self confidence, appropriate behavior with each other and with adults are qualities which I have observed in the students during my visits to MSM. An oasis of security and joy, of stimulation and growth is provided by MSM preparing the students for a full and meaningful life within the complexities of New York City.
Most schools give something to the poor at Christmas. MSM went beyond that and began to share with us not only classroom materials, but also the wealth of experience their staff has to offer. Over the past several years, the teachers and parent community of MSM have helped to build, guide, and train a small group of teachers who serve Haitian migrant children in a camp in the Dominican Republic. That little school, thanks to the training of the MSM volunteers has won praise from the government and respect of the local community. The life and energy of MSM has poured out beyond the confines of one city to guide a small outpost modeled on its structure.
What does it say about a group of teachers who give their own vacation time to travel to the third world and train teachers of a poor school? That same commitment, generosity, and nurturing is given to each and every MSM student. What does it say about a school where students do not want to graduate because it means that they will have to leave this beloved second home? A world of happiness has been created for them where they feel good about themselves and thrive while growing as persons and receiving a first rate education.

From the dedicated administrators down to the high-quality work materials in every classroom...

Robert B., Parent
From the dedicated administrators down to the high-quality work materials in every classroom, each element of the MSM experience for our child has been outstanding. However, the most unique aspect of MSM is the focus on nurturing independence within each child while still providing an emotional support network of teachers that truly care for the well-being of every child. This culture is what makes MSM special for our child.
Even as a young 3 year-old, our daughter Sofie has seen a tremendous amount of growth in the way that she approaches solving problems in all aspects of life and working independently to do so -- a set of traits that should anchor her educational success in the coming years -- and for that we owe MSM. We just couldn't imagine her being more prepared than she has become at MSM.
The MSM staff and community are excellent. From the most senior level down, every staff member at MSM has proven to be nothing short of exceptional in providing our daughter with a comfortable environment to learn. Anchored by Ms. Gauthier's helpful notes on child psychology and Ms. Fernandez's day-to-day interactions and interest in our child's life, Sofie's teachers have excelled at making her feel comfortable in exploring new topics, learning, and in general feeling safe to fail and keep on trying. 
We could not speak more highly about MSM.

I am a parent of 3 children who have attended...

Dan A., Alum Parent
I am a parent of 3 children who have attended The Montessori School of Manhattan. I have been nothing but impressed with the quality of learning my children have received at the school. The Montessori School of Manhattan's nurturing environment was able to tap into each one of my children's individual potential. The teachers are wonderful and they work with them in a patient and caring manner. The teachers see the strengths of every child which has allowed my kids to flourish both personally and academically.  The Montessori School of Manhattan’s teachers are dedicated, engaging, and they take the time to really know each child. As a parent I could not have asked for a better pre-school which creates solid foundations for the love of learning and self-guided exploration.

I am an alumnus of the Montessori School of Manhattan...

Zak W., Alumnus
I am an alumnus of the Montessori School of Manhattan’s inaugural class. MSM has helped me tremendously both academically and socially. I can still remember exploring my creativity in Art class and my teachers helping me to learn to read and do math. I started building those skills at MSM and they have helped me fulfill my accomplishments now. I was able to create my own business: Appitt, when I was only 14 years old.

I am proud to say that my child attended the Montessori School of Manhattan...

Melinda Q., Alum Parent
I am proud to say that my child attended the Montessori School of Manhattan. I know that the school my husband and I chose was perfect for our family, but it was not until I was at a local restaurant one night and heard the women next to me talking about the events surrounding the Hope for Kai drive that I realized how special MSM really is. These two mothers spoke for over an hour about how they have lived many places in the world, but choose to raise their families here, in Tribeca, in part because of the sense of community they found. The talked on and on about how lucky the family with the sick little boy was to have such a support network from his preschool. They talked about the how the parents worked together with the teachers and staff to try to make a difference for this one little boy. It was clear that MSM was ready to rise to the occasion and considers every one of their students their responsibility. I felt very blessed to hear an unsolicited view of my son’s school and felt very good about my participation in the drives here in New York.  MSM makes Tribeca more than a neighborhood, but makes it a community.

I have been a caregiver working in the Tribeca neighborhood...

Lhakpa., P., Caregiver
I have been a  caregiver working in the Tribeca neighborhood for the past 19 years.  I have attended a many birthday parties, sat for countless hours in the park, been to dance recitals and gymnastic demonstrations, etc. in the downtown area and can say that whenever  I saw children who are the most polite, most focused and best able to socialize in a group, I always find out those are the kids from MSM. Then I got a job working for a family who sends their kids to MSM and I witnessed first-hand how dedicated the teachers are to each and every student. I appreciate that the school is run with so much order and respect and that the school is so clean! I think it is common for everyone to assume that anyone can take care of children. But not everyone can do it well like they do at MSM.

I'm so happy and proud that both my children had the opportunity to attend MSM

Sammy L., Alum Parent
I'm so happy and proud that both my children had the opportunity to attend MSM. My son is now a 3rd grader at an elementary school and my daughter is still a current student as a preschooler at MSM. I honestly can't say enough good things about this school. From the administration staff to the dedicated educators to the head of school, all involved are unified in their goal to make MSM a place where children can become confident, self-directed and life-long learners. I was sad the day my son had to spread his wings into elementary school but at least he was well prepared! He is creative, open- minded and independent. All of which, he acquired from being in a Montessori environment at MSM. This school provides an exceptional foundation for the little ones. It is a nurturing environment where kids love to learn explore and think for themselves. In addition, there truly is a focus on the "whole child," which has tremendous value now, and will have even more rewards down the road.

It has been a pleasure to be part of the MSM community...

Charles L., Current Parent
It has been a pleasure to be part of the MSM community. The school is operated by a dedicated team of educators whose unique expertise in early childhood development makes MSM a standout among Manhattan preschools. Each MSM classroom is a dynamic learning center where the students are exposed to fun and interesting challenges designed to help them master all sorts of fundamental skills. Our son and his classmates are well-behaved, friendly and happy children who have clearly benefitted from the calm and welcoming yet highly disciplined MSM atmosphere. We could not be happier with our son’s experience at MSM and we are grateful to the MSM staff for their positive impact on his development over the past 3 years. 
Ana and I have spent the past year thinking about the difficult question of what type of school would be the best fit for Aaron for the next thirteen years. After reflecting on his time at the Montessori School of Manhattan, we agreed that one of the most valuable components of his educational experience to date, has been the safe and supportive learning environment that MSM provides for its students. Aaron’s experience at MSM has taught us that when children feel free to express themselves and explore their curiosities without fear of failure or embarrassment, they are more excited about learning and more comfortable taking on new risks and challenges.

Looking for a pre-school for our daughter Emma...

Jeanny O., Current Parent
Looking for a pre-school for our daughter Emma had to be one of the hardest decisions we had to make in our lives! We visited multiple pre-schools with our piece of paper in hand that contained our “must haves” and endless questions. Upon entering MSM, we immediately knew this was the place for Emma, we said to each other, “I could imagine Emma spending all day here away from us.” We have been part of the MSM community for the past 3 years; Emma began in the Toddler program and MSM has exceeded our expectations on what we wanted for Emma’s early education. 
At MSM, you will find teachers that are determined and passionate about children’s education and the work teachers do as they guide and support them to reach their fullest potential to be responsible active citizens of this world.
MSM is an aesthetically pleasing, welcoming, diverse, respectful, and nurturing environment. MSM is a unique place that provides an integrated curriculum that allows the children to be active participants in their education with hands on experiences that are authentic, meaningful and purposeful that allows children to question their world and become critical thinkers, problem solvers and decision makers.
MSM holds a strong value in building partnerships and working collaboratively with families. The teachers always encourage families to participate in the classroom, by celebrating special traditions or interest, reading stories, going on field trips and community walks. I enjoyed being, "the mystery reader" of the day. The teachers communicate with families about the daily life of the classroom community by providing weekly newsletters, having parent- workshops and conferences. The teachers and administrators are available to communicate in person, via phone and email and are helpful in providing advice and suggestions to support Emma at home. At MSM, you will also find a united community between the families. The families are friendly and happy to set play dates and plan events throughout the school year. 
I could not be more pleased to have MSM be Emma’s first school experience and be the foundation for her school success. Emma has become a confident, independent little girl who has come to find a joy in learning. She is well prepared academically and socially to begin the journey to Kindergarten and the elementary years that await her. Emma was accepted to one of the top private schools in NYC, and we have only MSM’s to thank for this! MSM is definitely our home away from home. It will always hold a special place in our hearts!

Montessori School of Manhattan is the perfect blend...

Preeti B., Current Parent
Montessori School of Manhattan is the perfect blend of academics, nurturing and personal development. Our son walks each day into class with a wide grin on his face and a skip, rather a dance, in his step. This in itself says it all.
The Teachers provide individualized attention as a result learning happens at the child’s level and pace and the teachers are well acquainted with each child’s strengths and weaknesses. The best part is that learning happens at all times without the children even realizing that they are being taught to. We firmly believe that the first couple of years of schooling lays the foundation for how the children approach education in the later years….and we are glad to say that our sons have a great yearning for knowledge, thanks to their experience at the Montessori School of Manhattan.

MSM does a wonderful job fostering happiness...

John & JoAnna L., Parents
MSM does a wonderful job fostering happiness, growth and development in its students, and nurtures intelligent, kind and well-rounded kids! We've been thrilled with how MSM has engaged and encouraged our son, who, over his two years at the school, has developed the confidence and desire to approach the world with a genuine curiosity and love of learning. 
His teachers have all been incredibly kind and nurturing, but have also held consistent standards that encourage the students' emotional growth. Their emphasis on kind behavior has helped our son develop respect for himself, his peers, adults and his work. He's a genuinely polite and happy kid, and we owe so much of that to MSM! 
Kids can learn to read, write and count anywhere, but MSM is a truly special place. It gave our son the foundation on which his academic life will be built, but just as significantly, it has taught him to navigate the world in a respectful and kind way.
We're continually surprised and delighted with what Johnny has learned at MSM, and would wholeheartedly recommend the experience!

MSM has been very special for us...

Patricia T., Current Parent
MSM has been very special for us; I see my son actively participating in class and eagerly learning through the Montessori materials. The classrooms are clean and I feel that children learn better when everything is in its place. I have seen other classrooms with too many things that can distract children from learning. At MSM, I can truly see my son concentrating and focused on his work.
MSM has taught my son independence and manners and has given him the skills needed to succeed in life. It has also given him the eagerness to learn and accomplish things on his own; 
this type of education is crucial for his stage in life and will help him tremendously in the future.
The MSM staff and community truly care about and get to know each of the children. I love getting the Friday folder and seeing the school work, art work and the pictures. The presents that we get from the kids during the holidays are so thoughtful also! We will miss MSM but the memories will remain in our hearts forever.

MSM has really helped our daughter develop focus and concentration...

Pragati D., Current Mom
MSM has really helped our daughter develop focus and concentration. One of the best points of feedback we heard about our daughter was that she is developing the patience to persist with activities not just through one session but rather across multiple days.
Through her interaction with her classmates and teachers, our daughter has developed a stronger vocabulary and greater expressiveness. She loves her teachers at MSM, who are very attentive and caring, while at the same time focused on core educational concepts and goals.

My 8 year old son attended MSM from the time he was 2 years old...

Dasha G., Alum Parent
My 8 year old son attended MSM from the time he was 2 years old until he was almost six, at which point he went straight into a gifted and talented first grade classroom. I believe that his time at MSM was the primary factor in his success academically, and I know that his emotional and social development benefited greatly as well. What sets MSM apart is the fact that it truly is a school and not a daycare or even a pre-school. Children at such a young age are capable of so much more than most adults can even imagine, and the educators at MSM are able to tap into each child's potential and help shape them into the unique individuals they are destined to become.
Although academics are important, and are most certainly a focus in MSM classrooms, in my opinion, the most important lessons children can learn between the ages of two and five are social skills. It's not only important to socialize with peers, as kids can in any daycare environment, it’s vital that they learn how to socialize in a way that promotes cooperation, community and sets them up for success in the future. The Montessori focus on Grace and Courtesy is exemplified in every MSM classroom. Wherever my son goes now (from school to friends' homes to restaurants) he is constantly lauded for how polite and kind he is to everyone around him. I believe that MSM helped set the framework for all of his interactions, and because he was so young when he learned the values of good interpersonal relationships, that knowledge will stay with him for the rest of his life.
A few years ago, our family moved to Long Island. Although we love many things about living here, one of the things I will always regret is that my second child (who is currently 4 months old), will not be able to attend MSM as the commute would be far too taxing on him. It is a wonderful school with wonderful teachers, built upon wonderful principles that stand the test of time. MSM graduates leave the school with a head start on the path to success and I would recommend this school to anyone who wants their children to thrive both as individuals and as members of a community from their earliest days.

My granddaughter has been going to the Montessori School of Manhattan...

Sue. R., Grandmother
My granddaughter has been going to the Montessori School of Manhattan for the past three years and it has been wonderful. It is so homey and clean, and the staff is incredible! They are great with the children, caring, clean, and extremely personable. My granddaughter loves going to school and every morning is full of excitement. Since she is one of the oldest she enjoys helping the younger children throughout the day, which has helped her build self-esteem and confidence. Thank you to the staff at MSM for all their hard work, dedication, and love for the children.

Our two children absolutely loved MSM...

Michelle P., Alum Parent
Our two children absolutely loved MSM, and so did we as parents.  The teachers are incredibly special - caring, wise, and fun.  They helped each of our children develop and grow in confidence, and as a result, we felt so well prepared for kindergarten.  MSM is a special environment, where children learn important skills, but even more, learn how to care about each other and the world.

The MSM teachers are all wonderful, dedicated professionals...

Talene B., Parent
The MSM teachers are all wonderful, dedicated professionals. They get to know as many children as they can, not just the students in their classes. Also, the content of the "specials" classes is great. Our children look forward to these classes, and they feel empowered by their special knowledge. Finally, the school teaches its students the importance of organization and respecting one's environment, which I believe to be unique to MSM.
The reason we chose a pure Montessori school is that we believe the method instills confidence in children, as well as a love of learning which positions children to be successful students as they grow. MSM has done just that for both of our children. They know they have the ability to learn any material presented to them, and they love the process of learning.
All of the teachers who have worked with our children have been wonderful. 
The MSM teachers work tirelessly to make sure that each child receives individualized attention, and that each child feels like a unique member of the community.

We could not be more thrilled with the experience...

Kiran V., Alum Dad
We could not be more thrilled with the experience my child had while attending MSM. While he was there, his teachers were nurturing and attentive and provided him with a warm environment that allowed him to explore his independence and develop critical thinking skills. And after four years, when he was ready for elementary school, he took the skills he learned at MSM and made an incredible start to his academic career. Years later he still speaks affectionately of his teachers and his favorite lessons. No matter what he learns now, he is always to find a connection, he will never forget MSM, the place where school began.

We have two children enrolled at Montessori School of Manhattan’s...

Lou S., Current Dad
We have two children enrolled at Montessori School of Manhattan’s Gold Street campus and they love it. So do we! It provides our kids – and the community – with a unique early education experience for toddlers and preschoolers. I only wish they had kindergarten and elementary school options as well. 
We live in central FiDi so MSM is conveniently located for us. But students come from all over downtown, Tribeca, Civic Center, Battery Park City, and the Seaport neighborhood. The diversity of backgrounds and cultures of the students, the parents, and the staff is magnificent. 
The teaching philosophy is great. The students are given time to work alone or in groups, always being guided and nurtured by the teachers. The immaculate, student friendly facilities and the small class sizes are ideal. Our kids love the varied math and language studies, the colorful art and music classes, and the physical fitness and development training in the gym. It’s not hard to understand why the kids are so curious when they get home! 
We couldn’t be happier or more satisfied with Montessori School of Manhattan!

We’ve been extremely pleased with our experience at MSM...

Morgan L., Mom
We’ve been extremely pleased with our experience at MSM. Our eldest daughter started at MSM just after turning two. While visiting the school prior to her enrollment, we were impressed immediately with the environment. The classroom was calm, organized and beautifully designed. Traditional Montessori materials were arranged on the shelves, and the students rotated between stations seamlessly, working both independently and collectively. We could not believe it was a classroom of 2-year-olds!
Knowing our own spirited 2-year-old, we expected the transition to school to be a challenge for all of us. But, it could not have been easier. Milly loved it from day one and has been excited to go to school ever since. We’ve watched as she’s grown increasingly independent, self-assured and cognizant of her environment. Her self-control and ability to concentrate on a particular task have improved tremendously, and her love of learning and mastering new skills continue to grow. She is proud of her work and eager to share stories about her teachers and friends from school. Milly’s teachers and the entire MSM administration have been nothing but supportive and helpful. We are thrilled to have found a home at MSM and look forward to the day when our younger daughter can also join the MSM community.

Your child's first school experience should be the beginning of something great...

Megan & David M., Current Parents
Your child's first school experience should be the beginning of something great. Montessori has been exactly that.
A warm learning environment where exploration, independence, and structure all compliment the child.
When our oldest entered traditional kindergarten he was ahead of the game.
For the entire year, there was nothing he hadn't already encountered; and to a great part, mastered. His confidence soared.
I was constantly reminded through both my sons' behavior at home, how much more my child could accomplish than I thought.
With Montessori’s encouragement, my husband and I quickly discovered our sons were outpacing even what we thought they were capable of. The Montessori teacher understands how independent they can be.

It has been our family’s privilege to be a part of the Montessori School of Manhattan

Eileen L., Mother
It has been our family’s privilege to be a part of the Montessori School of Manhattan for the last three years. As a teacher and parent I have high expectations for the people in my child’s life. Not only has the staff at MSM met my expectations; it has greatly exceeded them. When my husband and I began thinking about schooling for our son; we wanted a place where our child would be safe and develop a love for learning that would set him up for success for the rest of his life. After many interviews, visits, and recommendations we chose the absolute perfect school for him. The MSM family – and I do mean family – has given my son, who will be entering kindergarten next year, a foundation of mindfulness, honesty, accountability, and stick-to-itiveness that will make the social transaction of school seamless. Not to mention the reading, writing, math, and problem-solving skills that will give him a leg up in academics. We know without a doubt that our son will be well equipped with the tools needed to be successful in his journey of life and learning. It is with great sadness that we say goodbye to this wonderful school, but it’s not goodbye…it’s see you when we have our next child.

Montessori School of Manhattan teachers are not just sophisticated

Betty L., Current Parent
Montessori School of Manhattan teachers are not just sophisticated in the theories of childhood development, but meticulous and patient on a daily basis.  They knew my daughter avoided public speaking, so they gave her extra support for show-and-tell.  They created a safe space for her to grow as a speaker, by actively partnering with us for family photos and mementos. They rallied to her side throughout the toilet training process, allowing her to progress at her own pace.  The entire school works to meet every child wherever they are developmentally, knowing that toddlerhood is an age of leaps and bounds.  On her very first day at Montessori, we handed the teachers a minimally verbal, diaper wearing baby.  Now, just after a year and a half, she's a chatty, toilet-trained, social little girl.  We're so glad we chose this school.

MSM was singularly distinctive...

Alice W., Parent
MSM was singularly distinctive because it allowed both of our children to flourish intellectually, emotionally, and socially in a “real school” as opposed to just playing, which was in line with our educational value system. While structured as a real school which could conceivably conflict with the values of some parents, MSM is wonderfully warm, with talented, professionally trained, nurturing teachers. The school has a definitive, structured educational philosophy with actual learning going on. Such amazing learning that can occur so early in childhood is complemented by wonderful, carefully selected “specials” such as Spanish language, yoga, drama and art, all of which are taught by top-flight educators. Such structure with a real methodology, and ideological purity on the Montessori philosophy as opposed to something disingenuous positioned just for marketing purposes was a pivotal, appeal to us about MSM – credit the head of schools and the admissions officer for this. 
MSM is unique in having authentic luminaries in Montessori pre-school education, Ms. Gauthier and Ms. Ramey operating a fantastic institution.
Both of our children are by nature reserved, and on the shy side in public. MSM allowed both to flourish socially and interact with other children in a confident but supportive and engaging manner. Our daughter attends a first grade G&T program in lower Manhattan known for its rigor. We believe one factor in why she was able to adapt to this program was the structured foundation laid at MSM, and early exposure and training performing activities in a methodological manner. As for our 2.5 year old son, while he is still two years away from his next educational step, we are amazed at the transformation MSM has accelerated of his personality and growth such as his bubbly personality and facility with communication. 
The entire MSM staff is highly professional, skilled, and nurturing with real expertise in not merely early childhood education but under the Montessori philosophy. Our 6 year old daughter had two amazing teachers she still talks about. Our son Henry has two of the best toddler teachers in all of New York City - wonderful, talented, warm professionals. Speaking for ourselves, we really admire, like, and respect the “executive team” of Ms. Gauthier, Ms. Ramey, and Ms. McClung because they handle their business with utmost professionalism, talent, and warmth. On a personal level, when you see the leadership, teachers, and the school itself do amazing things for your children, you can’t help but feel an emotional bond to the people who made it happen. This is how we feel about the MSM leadership and staff.

My child who is currently entering his junior year in high school...

Jacqueline A., Alum Parent
My child who is currently entering his junior year in high school was one of the students in the first graduating class at MSM. To this day I continue to be amazed by his developing independence, self-assuredness, and social competence that were fostered in the Montessori classroom starting at 2 ½ years of age. These qualities are evident in him across the classroom, home and extra-curricular activities. The early teachings at MSM have strengthened his love of learning, problem solving and creativity. The teachers and faculty at MSM are incredibly committed to their students and dedicated to their learning experience. Montessori fosters independence, encourages exploration and a natural desire to learn. Even after all these years I marvel at the positive qualities 
MSM has enriched my son with and the solid foundation upon to build his future.

My experience with MSM...

Theresa W., Consultant
My experience with MSM is not that of a parent but as a member of the local community.  The staff has done a wonderful job of ensuring that they look after their role in the community and abroad, ever mindful that the role of education in society is not limited to the classroom experience.

Our experience at MSM has been outstanding...

Lauren C., Alum Parent
Our experience at MSM has been outstanding. With two daughters, we have participated in several pre-school and daycare programs over the years in downtown Manhattan, and MSM truly surpasses them all in teachers and administration, facility, and pedagogy. 
MSM is a beautiful and organized learning environment. The classroom at MSM represents the best of downtown Manhattan after 911 – a community of resilience, creative energy and open-minded curiosity.
The MSM teachers and pedagogy gave both our daughters that rare gift of a balance of nurturing and independence. 
MSM created enduring friendships for both our daughters… and for us as parents. In fact, our daughters are now in middle and high school and are still best friends with their classmates from preK at MSM.
MSM taught our daughters and their classmates the priceless lesson of “giving back”. MSM initiated a Holiday toy drive over 10 years ago for the New York Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children, the world’s oldest child advocacy organization. It is so awfully hard for a 2 or 3 or 4 year old to even share! MSM taught our children a life-long lesson… picking out a toy for another child during the Holiday Season truly made a positive impact on our daughters. MSM has the most beautiful women at the helm - and their hearts are even more beautiful. 
Our daughters left MSM and entered elementary school with the ability to read, add and subtract and even more important, with the confidence to navigate a new classroom and make new friends. MSM taught our daughters about the values of working hard and learning from their mistakes.

Since beginning in the 2s program, MSM has, each year, continued to evolve and foster our son...

Jean A., Current Parent
Since beginning in the 2s program, MSM has, each year, continued to evolve and foster our son.  In our first experiences with MSM, what struck us was the perfect harmony of kids working both independently and confidently, balanced with a sense of classroom community, order and respect.  The thoughtful layout and progression of the work allows for every child to develop in a personalized way that is curated by the remarkable teachers facilitating and engaging with each child.  Each year, the teachers knew our son so well and were so actively involved in helping him continue to grow and develop.  While the Montessori “learn through exploration” method is deliberate, we became convinced of the effectiveness in watching our son’s astonishing advancement.  Fully able to read, write, execute various mathematical concepts and problems combined with a wealth of knowledge about geography, language and other cultures, we are simply blown away by his amazing progress.  Most importantly, as he enters kindergarten, his passion, curiosity and excitement for learning have been ignited.  Our family will miss the MSM approach to education and the warm, inviting community of teachers, administrators and families.  In addition to working together for our children’s first, important educational experience, MSM is active in our broader community with various outreach projects focused on underprivileged schools in NYC and our sister school in the Dominican Republic.