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    Executive Officers 2013-2014
        Anil Atluri and David Kim
    Vice Presidents, Fundraising
        Melissa Bamber and Megan Zimak
    Vice President, Scholarship
        Shawn Morris
        Stacey Averbuch and Wayne Baker 
    Community Outreach
        Jennifer Karabelas 
        Tracie Silvers 

    Officers of the Parents Association are two Co-Presidents, Vice Presidents, Treasurer, Assistant Treasurer, Secretary, and Assistant Secretary

    The two Co-Presidents are the most senior executive officers of the Parents Association and members of all committees. The Co-Presidents preside over all meetings of the PA and perform other duties as the office demands. The Co-Presidents work closely with the Vice Presidents and other PA officers to keep them informed and knowledgeable about all operations of the Parents Association.

    Vice President
    The Vice President assists the Co-Presidents as needed, preside in the Co-Presidents' absence and keep informed about all PA policies and activities. The Vice President is responsible for overseeing the Fundraising Committee and the Scholarship Committee,
    and is responsible for keeping the Co-Presidents and the other PA officers informed of the operations of those committees.

    Treasurer and Assistant Treasurer

    The Treasurer is the custodian of the PA funds, maintains records of PA accounts, and presents a report at the annual PA meeting about the PA's finances. The Treasurer works closely with the President and Vice Presidents on all financial planning for the PA, and is actively involved in the auction planning and post-auction process, including credit card processing and payments for winnings, as well as using Excel to create and monitor the PA's yearly budget and forecast, and maintain its monthly journal entries. The Assistant Treasurer assists the Treasurer in all aspects of his or her position.


    The Secretary attends all PA officer meetings, as well as committee meetings when requested by the President or any Vice President, and takes minutes of each meeting. The Secretary maintains all books and records of the PA, other than those kept by the Treasurer, drafts communications to parents and oversees the PA area of the website.

    In addition to the Executive Officers, there are many ways to get involved with the PA, including by serving as one of our committee chairs
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