Gold St. After School Classes

    MINDFULNESS, MONDAYS, 4:00 – 4:45 PM
    Through meditation and breathing exercises, collaborative games, art projects and sensorial play children will begin to explore the idea that clarity of thought leads to clarity of action. Together with Ms. Kovach they will investigate how to focus on the present moment by expressing, identifying, and modifying their emotions. This class is designed to enhance the children’s ability to concentrate and their decision making skills.
    Ages 2-5 yrs.

    Organic Cooking with is a hands-on, educational and tasty introduction to the diverse roles organic foods play in our world. Activities will consist of preparing healthy snacks and seasonal favorites like Squash Ravioli, Apple Crumble, as well as fun fruit & veggie smoothies. Students will learn to follow a sequence of steps, use measuring tools, and work together through group activities that are both socially stimulating and self-rewarding. Each week a new recipe will be sent home for continuous food fun.
    Ages 2-5 yrs.

    Latin Dance & Rhythm with Ms. Cedeno introduces children to the exciting and rich cultural heritage of Latin dance and music. Practicing and performing basic dance steps, such as merengue or salsa, develops the children’s sense of rhythm and body coordination. Children will learn about and dance to different musical instruments such as guitar, maracas, tambourine, clave, and congas. This class helps children gain confidence, strength, and graceful movement, while having fun dancing and experiencing a rich and vibrant culture with their friends.
    Ages 2-5 yrs.

    TAE KWON DO, WEDNESDAYS, 4:00 – 4:45 PM
    In Tae Kwon Do with Ms. Samson, children will learn the basics of this Korean martial art that emphasizes discipline, respect, and self-confidence. Children will develop coordination, balance, and agility as they learn basic kicks, punches, and blocks. TKD allows children to enhance their daily routines at school and home by building concentration and memory skills all while having energetic fun! Ages 2-5 yrs.

    ¡HOLA AL MUNDO! THURSDAYS, 4:00 – 4:45PM
    Through hands-on individual and group activities, after school Spanish class with Ms. Alejo will focus on different aspects of Spanish-speaking cultures around the world. Children will work together on extended projects while exploring a variety of literature, celebrations, and traditional games.
    Ages 2-5 yrs.
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