Our Community

    Our goal at the Montessori School of Manhattan is to nurture the three elements that make up our school community.

    The Children
    Montessori School of Manhattan is dedicated to cultivating each child's natural desire to learn and helping all children reach their full potential. Our safe and supportive environment allows each child the freedom to develop at his or her own pace. Children are encouraged to respect others as well as themselves, and in the process, develop a strong inner discipline and sense of self-worth.

    The Parents
    At MSM we provide children with the best possible environment in which to spend their days, and we strive to be partners with you in educating your child. Educational support is provided to parents on the Montessori philosophy as well as general parenting strategies. At MSM we also host social events for our Montessori downtown community throughout the year, creating opportunities for families to get to know each other on an informal basis.

    The Staff
    Our dedicated and professional staff is very important to us at the Montessori School of Manhattan, for they provide the loving environment for your child on a day-to-day basis. The school facilitates staff growth and development by providing in-house training as well as opportunities to participate in Montessori and early-childhood professional conferences and workshops.

    Parent Education
    At the Montessori School of Manhattan we consider parents an integral part of the school community. Parents are the first and primary teachers of their children, and when parents and the school work in partnership, benefits for the children are greatly enhanced. In order to assist parents in this partnership role, we offer parent education events throughout the year. The main purpose is to help bridge the gap between home and school by providing information on the principles of parenting according to the Montessori philosophy. Topics which are addressed include parental needs regarding discipline, preparation of the home environment, the Montessori curriculum, family life, and social, emotional and moral development on all levels, from pre-school through elementary-school age. These workshops also provide a forum for parents to discuss their views and experiences with other parents who have had similar experiences or who share similar goals for their children and their education.

    Parent Participation
    In addition to curriculum workshops, parents also share in the school life of their child by attending parent-teacher conferences, open houses, and field trips. Classroom observations and discussions with teachers further advise parents about their child's experience at school. Parents also enjoy attending regular social functions throughout the year.
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