Beach After School Classes

     class with Ms Alejo, focuses on enriching Spanish vocabulary learned in school.  The small group offers greater one-on-one interaction and more hands-on activities.  We focus on Spanish culture and work together on extended projects.  The children will learn Spanish games and study Spanish literature and celebrations. Second language instruction further stimulates cognitive development and encourages global thinking.
    Ages 2-5 yrs.
    COOKING CLUB with Ms. Jain – is a hands-on, educational and tasty introduction to the diverse roles organic foods play in our world. From farm to table, to seasonal eating, children will familiarize themselves with the food-cycle and follow it from its beginnings all the way to their kitchen. Activities will consist of preparing healthy snacks and seasonal favorites like Squash Ravioli, Apple Crumble, as well as fun fruit & veggie smoothies. Students will learn to follow a sequence of steps, use measuring tools, and work together through group activities that are both socially stimulating and self-rewarding. Each week a new recipe will be sent home for continuous food fun.
     Ages 2-5 yrs.
    Everybody loves music! Here's the chance to spend some time singing and dancing with Mrs. Kettman. Sing-A-Long uses music and movement activities to foster creativity, expression and body awareness. In this class, children will explore their musical ability and creativity through singing songs, playing percussion instruments, dancing and participating in guided movement activities. Get ready to "shake your sillies out" and "dance to the rhythm of the beat."
    Ages 2-5 yrs.

    BALLET & DANCE CLASS with Ms McClung is an introduction to Ballet, Modern, and Jazz/Hip-Hop styles of dance. Students will discover a vocabulary of basic movement, warm-up techniques, and floor exercises for each style. Ms McClung draws on her vast experience as a professional dancer and will explore every aspect of this art form including choreography, artists, composers, and performance. This curriculum provides a fun and healthy foundation for all physical activity by promoting proper posture, balance, and coordination. Ages 2-5 yrs, boys and girls welcome!

    In GYMNASTICS class with Ms Cenci, children will learn basic gymnastic moves through music and games.  Obstacle courses allow the little gymnasts to gain a sense of routine while providing a fun challenge.  Focusing on stretching, body awareness, and balance, gymnastics is beneficial and enjoyable for all ages.
    Ages 2-5 yrs.

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